Armed Carjacking At Mississippi Home Caught On Camera

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Armed Carjacking At Mississippi Home Caught On Camera
Armed Carjacking At Mississippi Home Caught On Camera

With carjackings becoming increasingly common in different parts of the country, the potential for violence is also climbing. Nothing illustrates this better than home surveillance footage of a family having their car stolen at gunpoint right in their driveway.

Watch carjackers attack a mother, holding a gun to her head.

The footage shared by WAPT shows the armed carjackers fire off a shot as they approach while a mother is saying her goodbyes to her daughter’s family. So much for the theory that carjackers use the guns only as props to scare people.

Image via 16 WAPT News Jackson/YouTube
Image via 16 WAPT News Jackson/YouTube

It’s obvious the two suspects are trying to instill immediate and intense fear into everyone on the scene, and it works. As they get into the Mazda parked in the driveway, people pile out. The grandmother helps pull her young grandchildren out of the backseat, the whole time fearing any of them could be shot.


This situation is a complete violation of societal trust. To attack someone at their home like that, including firing off a round while their backs are turned, is wrong on so many levels.

For whatever reason, the carjackers couldn’t figure out how to get the Mazda started. They’re probably not the sharpest sticks in the bundle. Fearing the men would turn their violent tempers on her family, the grandmother tossed her keys onto the lawn and so they took her Hyundai.

What’s really interesting is police found the Hyundai just a couple blocks away shortly after the incident. They say it appears to not have been damaged, so the carjackers literally used it as a getaway vehicle, nothing more. One has to wonder what they were going to do with the Mazda they seemed ready to kill to get.

While these carjackers didn’t hurt their victims, especially after the grandmother willingly gave up the keys to her Hyundai, that’s not a guarantee that some in a fit of rage wouldn’t. The potential for that is what makes armed carjackings so scary.

Check out the footage for yourself.

Images via 16 WAPT News Jackson/YouTube

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