Arnold Schwarzenegger Has One Demand As Son Joseph Baena Is Sued For $1.5 Million

 Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator: Dark Fate
Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator: Dark Fate

As an actor in some of the best action movies in the business, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a man known for picking his battles. This is no different in the real world, as the former governor, bodybuilder and environmental activist has used his legacy to pave the way for any and all aspirations. Those skills are being put to work once again, only this time on the legal battlefield, as Schwarzenegger is trying to get a lawsuit against his son Joesph Baena thrown out of court.

According to the court documents cited by Radar Online, Schwarzenegger’s Oak Productions Baena are named in the suit filed by plaintiff Takaloo Saam, The suit is looking to obtain a judgement of $1.5 million in damages for Saam due to a claim of “great mental, physical and nervous pain.” Baena, a Dancing with the Stars alum, was first named in the proceedings stemming from the April 2021 car accident, with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s company being named for unknown reasons.

All involved on Schwarzengger’s side deny responsibility for any wrongdoing, and as such are looking to have this case dismissed. Takaloo Saam’s claims are quite serious, as they relate to those allegations of physical and mental suffering mentioned above. There’s also the potential for “some permanent disability” being cited as well, which is directly related to the $1.5 million value of the damages being sought on behalf of that suffering, as well as medical care and lost wages.


The greatest challenge going forward will be tying those injuries to the car accident, which is something that's not easily done. As such, it seems that this isn't going to be an easily resolved matter, with such a burden of proof at hand.

A history of automotive incidents involving Arnold Schwarzenegger and his family has stretched across the past couple of years. With Schwarzenegger’s son Christopher being sued due to a 2020 accident, and even Arnold himself suffering a 2022 crash, legal proceedings have been a familiar sight for the family of the Terminator star. Which, quite possibly, could have led to Schwarzenegger and his reps being confident enough to try to get this latest suit thrown out.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see where legal procedure leads this potential lawsuit. That could take a while to move through the course of due process and any other challenges that may spring from this accident. As usual, all anyone can hope for is a smooth and swift, but fair result, no matter what happens from this point forward.

In the meantime, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s next project is the Netflix original show FUBAR, which takes its place on the 2023 TV schedule on May 25th. For all other inquiries involving the 2023 new movie releases, that information can be found elsewhere, and just as readily.