Artist Paints Cars To Look Like Cartoons

These are pretty amazing!

When I first saw the handiwork of artist Kbmer I like most people thought it was a rendering in Photoshop. The guy has quite the talent of making a real-life car appear like a cartoon drawing, or more specifically a vehicle out of an anime production, which is just trippy to see in real life.

See what a bear did to an unlocked luxury SUV here.

A lot of people, including some automotive publications, think Kbmer is applying wraps to these cars. That’s understandable since wraps are so popular these days, allowing you to change your mind about the vehicle’s appearance and either go back to the factory look or apply something completely different. Instead, Kbmer seems to think wraps are has-been because this guy paints everything on the cars.

That’s right, he’s altered their looks about as permanently as possible. Making his work even more amazing, the guy uses spray paint to give these rides that trippy cartoon appearance. Actually, for the detail work he uses what looks like paint markers.

So in a way, this is an extension of the street art movement, even though Kbmer isn’t making these cars look like they’ve been graffitied while parked on some urban street. I’ve seen plenty of the latter including some works commissioned by automakers like BMW. This take on cars is definitely something fresh.

Undoubtedly there will be copycats as people start recognizing the genius of Kbmer’s artistic renderings on cars. Some will have their own style or flair to add to this movement of making real-life vehicles look like cartoons, but others will just straight-up try mimicking him.


Like any good artist, Kbmer isn’t a one-trick pony. You can see on his Instagram feed he’s done other styles when painting cars, plus the guy has painted murals and other projects, so the man definitely isn’t sitting back on his heels.

Photos via Facebook and Instagram

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