Aspiring Stripper Steals Kia For Job Interview

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Aspiring Stripper Steals Kia For Job Interview
Aspiring Stripper Steals Kia For Job Interview

Nobody has accused strippers or aspiring strippers of being intelligent. Maybe some are, but we can only imagine the profession doesn’t attract the brightest crayons in the box. That might explain why one woman from Muncie, Indiana allegedly stole a Kia from a dealership to drive to a job interview at a strip club in the big city, Indianapolis.

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As much as this sounds like a made-up story it’s apparently real, or so says local news station WXIN. While the 20-year-old woman who wanted a gig taking off her clothes seductively for sweaty dollar bills might not have been smart enough to realize stealing a car is a serious crime, but she had quite the master plan for the heist.


The report says the young aspiring stripper asked a local dealership if she could test drive a 2013 Kia Optima. As an employee was prepping the sedan for the test drive, which he apparently was going to ride along for, his phone just kept ringing and ringing, but nobody was on the other end when he answered it. Flustered, he told the young woman to wait for him as he walked off to answer the continuous calls yet again. And that’s when she just drove off.

Gee, we wonder who could’ve been calling the guy over and over? Next, this chick is going to knock off a Las Vegas casino or two like a regular Danny Ocean. What a criminal mastermind.

Later, she ditched the Kia in a parking lot next to the dealership after going to her job interview. If her potential new employer found out about how she manipulated a man to steal a car, she probably would’ve been hired on the spot.

Police were able to track the woman down later because she filled out a form on the dealer’s website to buy a car before showing up for the test drive. And no, she didn’t give them false information. Then she tried to tell the cops who showed up at her house that she was someone else. Apparently, she doesn’t realize police have access to driver’s license photos.

On top of all that, the aspiring 20-year-old stripper thought the cops were joking when they said she was going to be arrested. She probably thought because she was flirting with officers they would just let her go with a promise to be a good girl. And so the budding exotic dancer had her first and sadly likely not last brush with the law.

Image via Konstantin Mishchenko