Aston Martin AMR24 unveiled ahead of Silverstone track debut

Aston Martin has launched its 2024 car ahead of its track debut during a shakedown at Silverstone on Monday.

The AMR24 is the first car to be manufactured and assembled in Aston Martin’s new factory at its Silverstone headquarters, just across the road from the entrance to the British Grand Prix venue. With the car due on track Monday for its first running, Aston Martin has released imagery of the new design that technical director Dan Fallows says is an evolution of last year’s car.

“We’ve made changes all over the car,” Fallows said. “It’s very different in many ways. The majority of the parts have changed on it, but it is really still essentially a strong evolution of last year’s car. We have kind of built on the end of AMR23.


“The obvious things you’ll see that are different are things like the front nose and front wing. Bodywork will be different, but there’s also obviously quite a lot of stuff under the hood, which hopefully you won’t see [on track]. We will obviously try and keep some of that under wraps.

Renders on the AMR24. Published on February 12, 2024.

“The front suspension layout, that’s a similar layout to what we had on a AMR23 — a system of push rod. We’ve inherited new suspension from Mercedes — they obviously give us the gearbox and the structure of the rear suspension, so that has changed slightly from last year as well. There’s a change on the rear, but the front is very similar.”

The AMR24 comes following a breakthrough season for Aston Martin in 2023, with multiple podiums but also a period of struggle after the summer break. Fallows says there was crucial work done in the latter part of last year that has put the team in a stronger position with the new car.

“I think it’s no secret that we took a pragmatic approach to the end of last season,” he said. “We wanted to make sure that we used every opportunity to really learn the lessons that we needed to learn on AMR23. We had, effectively, a glorified test session…in some of the races, but it was important for us to do that and we recognized that we needed to do something that was going to teach us lessons for 2024, and we did.

“I think to come out of that having achieved good performances towards the end of the season, culminating at the podium in Brazil and fifth place, [was] a great result for us. To come out of that, and then to obviously have that momentum going into this year, I think that was the really key bit for us. Having been through that process and continuing that momentum into ‘24, I think gives us a lot of confidence going into the season.”

Story originally appeared on Racer