Aston Martin’s Krack says Brazil show of strength answers team’s critics

Aston Martin demonstrated the strength of its Formula 1 team with its performance in the Sao Paulo Grand Prix after facing doubts due to its poor run of form, according to team principal Mike Krack.

Fernando Alonso’s third place — after a thrilling battle with Sergio Perez — was Aston’s first podium since Zandvoort and only second in 12 races after its impressive start to the season faded. Lance Stroll backed that up in fifth place to secure a haul of 25 points over the weekend, marking the second-highest score for the team this season, and offering a response to a run of 21 points across the previous six rounds.

“It’s good that you spotted it, what a strong team we are,” Krack said of the post-race celebrations. “We have kept together in the difficult times; after Zandvoort we had a couple of races that were not strong. We had the tripleheader (of races on consecutive weekends), which is brutal in terms of workload, in terms of being away, timezones, heat, a lot of work with not so many results. And then to come back like we did, I think it’s a great credit to everybody involved.


“Teamwork at the track, teamwork with the factory, our campus… the lights didn’t go off — this you can believe me — in all that time. It shows that if you are a strong team and if you trust each other and believe in each other that you can do amazing things or manage amazing turnarounds.

“One week ago we were on the other side of the grid and to see how sometimes things can go. But I think after Mexico, the reaction that we have shown as a team shows that we are really gearing up for more.”

While Alonso’s battle with Perez received the majority of the attention, Krack says the pace shown by Stroll — who finished just over six seconds adrift — highlights what is possible when Aston Martin gets its car working properly.

“You never know how much everybody still has in their tires. This is really dictating how it’s going to end. And then going for the last time down the back straight to Turn 4, I think Fernando prepared it really, really well on the exit of Turn 1 and Turn 2 and managed to overtake.

“But one thing that we shouldn’t forget — and we know the cameras were obviously always on that fight — I think for the last 20 minutes or something, what we did not see is how Lance closed on that package. So if we race maybe another 10 laps, it’s a fight for three, not a fight for two.

“So that is very, very strong for the team, very important for the team, and it’s very important for Lance. I think it showed if we provide the right car with the right behavior then both drivers can achieve incredible results.”

Story originally appeared on Racer