Austin Car Dealer Found Guilty Of Paying Hitmen To Kill A Sex Worker And Her Ex-Boyfriend

Screenshot: KVUE
Screenshot: KVUE

Not all car dealers are scum, but this one certainly is; a former Austin Volkswagen and Toyota dealer financed a million-dollar plot that ended with two people dead in Tennessee.

Erik Maund met Holly Williams—who worked as an escort—while visiting his son at college, and pursued a relationship. Her occasional boyfriend and abuser William Lanway caught wind of the tryst and tracked Maund down, demanding $25,000 from the wealthy Texan in exchange for not telling his family about his time with Williams. Maund then enlisted a private security firm to facilitate the surveillance and eventual kidnapping and murder of Williams and Lanway.

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“It’s not going to bring Holly and William back, but they now know that the people who murdered them are going to be held accountable for what they’ve done,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Rob McGuire.

Maund is clearly the kind of man who thought enough money could make his problems go away. At the time of her murder, Williams was 33 years old and working as a medical aesthetician. This plot was brought upon her by five men who deemed her life insignificant. The man who’d spent a night with her just a month prior paid $955,000 to end her life. Two men who pledged an oath to support and defend the constitution accepted $100,000 each to deprive two people of life without due process of law.

Erik Maund’s grandfather Charles Maund started the dealership network in 1957, and all remaining members of the network were sold last year by Charles Maund’s son Doug. Charles Maund Volkswagen sold last year to Vanguard Automotive Group, and Charles Maund Toyota has been renamed Toyota of North Austin, now a member of the Group 1 Automotive Inc.

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