How Austin Cindric Became the Bow Tie Guy in NASCAR

a man in a suit holding a microphone
How Austin Cindric Become NASCAR's Bow Tie GuyDeb Williams

When Team Penske driver Austin Cindric began appearing at NASCAR awards ceremonies and in the TV booth for commentary duty during Fox Sports NASCAR Xfinity Series race telecasts, he always wore a bow tie with his suit.

Now, it’s expected, and the bow tie has become Cindric’s signature when it comes to suit or formal attire. Being different has never bothered Cindric, but he points to band class as the bow tie originator.

“I played the tuba, and a regular tie was gonna get in the way of playing all the notes and picking the thing up and down and not pulling your neck, so I wore a bow tie and have worn one ever since,” Cindric said. “That’s pretty much all I’ve ever owned.

"It’s funny because it’s just enough out of the norm that literally everybody picks up on it and asks me about it. It’s definitely become a thing, so I guess it’s fun to do something a little different.”