Australian Teens Steal Porsche And Maserati

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Australian Teens Steal Porsche And Maserati
Australian Teens Steal Porsche And Maserati

Many Americans assume the teen car theft trend we see sweeping many urban and even some suburban areas here is unique to this country. But it’s sadly become a common occurrence elsewhere, like in Australia. One of the latest and most dramatic examples comes with the Gold Coast where teens stole a Porsche and Maserati, leading police on two high-speed chases.

Cars have taken over a bike path in this city.

Just like here, those teenagers aren’t anywhere near legal adulthood. All of them are reportedly between the ages of 15 and 16. Here we’ve seen kids as young as 8 stealing cars, some even carjacking victims.


Footage shared by 9 News Australia shows police pulling one teen out of a Maserati Levante and arresting him. The luxury crossover is high-centered on a curb after the inexperienced driver thought there was enough ground clearance to speed over it and get away from cops.

That curb was at the top of a steep incline between two separated lanes of traffic, making it an obstacle only a hardcore off-road vehicle could have tackled, but only at lower speeds.

The other stolen vehicle, a Porsche Macan, was cornered when it wound up in a neighborhood and drove to a cul-de-sac, the police in hot pursuit.

During the hour-long chase, everyone who was on the roads in the area was put at risk by the reckless driving of these teenage suspects. Police said the kids were driving at high speeds, but they didn’t give a precise figure. That’s one of the most disturbing things about this trend.

We’ve covered quite a few stories where young car theft suspects, pursued by the police or just out joyriding after, have caused a serious accident, sometimes with fatalities involved. Even though we love cars, they can usually be replaced or fixed. But lives can’t just magically be restored.

Image via 9 News Australia/YouTube

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