Australian Tennis Star’s Tesla Taken At Gunpoint

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Thieves want your car…

With car thefts at all-time highs in many areas, the trend has transitioned from swapping your ride in the middle of the night to outright carjacking. That’s what reportedly happened to Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios’ mother, according to a report.

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The mother was with the Tesla Model X, which allegedly is valued at a whopping $191,000 AUD, on the morning of May 1 when a 32-year-old man from Canberra approached with a long-barrel gun and demanded the keys. Now that’s a very odd situation since we’ve been told both by Australians and Americans that gun crime doesn’t happen Down Under thanks to gun control.


But wait, things get even weirder. The mother claims the carjacker asked her to show him how to drive the Tesla, because they’re not like a Nissan Sentra. She apparently gave him a quick crash course and the thief was off.

What this carjacker didn’t realize is Tesla’s can be tracked by the owner, who can then limit the vehicle speed. That’s exactly what Kyrgios did as he called police. There was a “short pursuit” at low speeds, but officers abandoned it “due to safety concerns for other road users.” We don’t really understand the logic in that since the vehicle was speed-limited, but whatever.

However, Aussie police deployed their favorite tactic, other than macing peaceful protestors: they cordoned off a street. Seriously, this happens in police chases Down Under pretty often. And we know how horribly not well such a tactic would work in the US or Canada, which really adds fuel to the weird conspiracy theory that Australia doesn’t actually exist.

With the street cordoned off, the man behind the wheel of an incredibly heavy electric SUV just gave up. Nothing in the report indicated how he got a gun, something again we’ve been assured criminals in restrictive gun control states couldn’t possibly obtain.

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