Author John Green is officially invested in woman’s TikTok gym mystery: ‘This is literally great American drama’

When a New York Times best-selling author comments on a TikTok mystery, the plot instantly thickens.

That’s exactly what happened when TikToker @katherout posted a video explaining a mystery she had been trying to solve at her gym.

A whiteboard at her gym has a rotating prompt, and patrons can write their responses anonymously on the board. One person began to answer in a very particular way.

“No matter what the prompt is, somebody always finds a way to write the word ‘monke,’” she said. “This is very amusing to me because I’m very attracted to commitment to the bit.”

She then tried to figure out who this person was by writing her variation of “monke” on the board. To her surprise, someone responded with a name: Wes. With her first lead, she went to the front desk and asked about everyone named Wes in the system — much to the delight of some famous people.


“This is a great American drama. I am highly invested,” said @literallyjohngreen. John Green co-founded “Crash Course” and wrote “The Fault in Our Stars.”

She left a note at the front desk on Thursday and wrote on the board that the person who keeps writing “monke” should go there and pick up their letter. But when she returned to the gym on Sunday, she discovered her whiteboard note erased.

“Now I’m stuck. We’re back to square one,” she said. “I don’t want to write the exact note again because it feels like feeding a fed horse.”

Some people can understand why someone might have erased the note, thus stalling the investigation.

“Imagine u just wanna go to the gym to workout, but instead ur being stalked by a random tiktoker who shares the entire thing with millions on tiktok,” said @amphketalean.

With the note erased and no other leads, the “monke” man mystery remains captivatingly unsolved.

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