Auto Archaeologist Discovers Treasure Trove of Pontiac Muscle Cars

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Auto Archaeology stumbles upon a treasure trove of rare Pontiacs, including GTOs, Firebirds, and a Mecham Racing Firebird.

In an exciting reveal that has caught the attention of classic car enthusiasts, Ryan Brutt from the Auto Archaeology YouTube channel has uncovered an astonishing collection of Pontiac muscle cars, hidden away in an old warehouse. This remarkable find features a range of iconic models, including several GTOs, Firebirds, and even a rare Mecham Racing Firebird, all in remarkably well-preserved condition.

Among the gems in this collection is a 1963 Pontiac LeMans with a high-performance four-barrel carburetor, predating the famous GTO. The assortment also includes a project car, a white second-generation Pontiac Chieftain, alongside a black 1969 Pontiac Firebird 400 and a meticulously maintained 1931 Franklin Sedan. Adding to the rarity, the warehouse houses a Mecham Racing Edition Firebird, complete except for new tires, highlighting its authenticity and uniqueness.