Automakers Are Pumping The Brakes On The EV Transition

A Cadillac Lyriq charging with an at-home system
A Cadillac Lyriq charging with an at-home system

The transition to electric vehicles is supposed to be a matter of when not if. However, automakers are starting to seem a little hesitant about what resources they should pour into EV production. Manufacturers have had supply issues building electric vehicles as well as trouble actually selling the ones they have made. Now, companies are lowering expectations for their investors.

Futurism suggests that General Motors sounds a little less bullish than they did not long ago. GM previously announced that Cadillac will have an all-electric lineup in a few years and the Chevy Blazer EV has proven to be a popular addition. The hype and anticipation didn’t exactly translate to big numbers on spreadsheets. The website stated:

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Automakers choosing not to devote resources to electric vehicles would likely delay the transition in general. GM and Honda have abandoned plans to develop affordable EVs, meaning there will be fewer EVs on the road and less demand for charging stations. Less demand for stations means there will be less of an incentive to build more stations.

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