Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes responds to Tyler Boyd’s Brady-Manning rivalry comparison

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and some of his most fierce opponents have often been compared to other talented quarterbacks of the past. The conversations have often elevated to being the next Tom Brady and Peyton Manning rivalry.

Mahomes has often shot down these comparisons because of how early each player is in their career, most recently ahead of the matchup with Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen. The latest comment has Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow being thrown into the Brady-Manning rivalry comparison by teammate Tyler Boyd.

Mahomes addressed Boyd’s statements and provided more reasons why he avoids the Brady-Manning rivalry mantle during Wednesday’s press conference.


“Yeah, I have a ton of respect for Joe (Burrow),” Mahome said. “He’s a great football player, but he’s a competitor like you said. Those are the guys that win in this league are guys that compete. And so, I hate to compare it to (Tom) Brady and (Peyton) Manning because they’ve won so much and put up so many stats, and I feel like that’s something that you do at the end of your career when they look back and see all the success that you had. I know — just like a lot of these guy — I know that I’m going to play this guy for a long time. He’s a great competitor, so he’s going to be on a great football team for a long time, and then we’re going to have games like this. And so, I just try to go out there and win the week, and I know he does the same. We’ll see what happens at the end of the week, and you move on to the next.”

Mahomes and Burrow have faced off twice, once in the regular season and recently in the AFC Championship game, with the Bengals winning both games. The comparisons to Pro Football Hall of Famers will have to wait a while as the young quarterbacks continue to grow their legacies. Their latest matchup in Week 13 will go a long way toward perpetuating any growing rivalry between the two.


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Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire