Jake Fromm is just excited to to get back to ‘real football’ with Bills

The Bills won’t have quarterback Josh Allen under center on Friday when the team kicks off their preseason slate against the Detroit Lions. Buffalo head coach Sean McDermott announced that on Wednesday.

But even if Allen was suiting up, it wouldn’t have been all that exciting to see him. The game plan would have been vanilla and most would have been on pins and needles hoping he doesn’t get hurt.

However, it’s a different story for backup quarterback Jake Fromm. He’s going to take his first-ever snaps with the Bills… although, he isn’t new to the organization.

After Buffalo selected him in the fifth-round of the 2020 draft, he went on to be the team’s “quarantine quarterback” during last season’s COVID campaign.


In doing that, he social distanced away from everyone and barely even practiced with his team. Fromm explained he took that job seriously, but this week he said how odd life was for him.

“Definitely just an interesting five, six months for me,” Fromm said via press conference. “Very tough, very lonely at times.”

“It was very different. We were in the stadium last Saturday [for practice in front of fans] and it just felt like real football. It felt like you can go out, have fun, play loose, and be free. It’s been great,” Fromm added.

On Fromm, McDermott sounded eager see him in an actual game setting this week like many are in western New York.

“Yeah, it’s huge. You try to simulate it out here as best as you can but there’s still something to be said for playing a game in front of a crowd and in real game situations,” McDermott said via presser. “It has been a while for Jake.”