AutoZone Looted After Street Takeover

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AutoZone Looted After Street Takeover
AutoZone Looted After Street Takeover

Early on the morning of June 10 a mob broke into an AutoZone in South Los Angeles, looting it. In what only an idiot would call a coincidence, not too long after police responded to the break-in, they also received reports of a street takeover in the area. These types of crimes go hand in hand more than some want to believe.

These videos show why street takeovers are dumb and dangerous.

Footage of the looting shared by KTLA 5 shows someone broke one of the store’s windows, then they pulled back the metal security grid to let an individual inside, who unlocked the doors.


That’s when at least 50 people, maybe more, rushed into the AutoZone and grabbed whatever car parts they wanted. You can see in the footage of the aftermath batteries, cans of WD-40, brake cleaner, and other random items litter the ground outside the store.

Out of that huge group, LAPD and CHP managed to arrest a single person. That was after what’s described as a short but intense car chase. So with all those people who broke in an looted the AutoZone, so far only one might face some sort of consequences. That’s concerning.

Police were taking fingerprints and reviewing footage of the crime. We don’t think they arrested anyone at the street takeover, but we’d be willing to bet there were plenty of people there who had trunks full of new car parts.

Without getting into all the complexities about why the justice system in Los Angeles doesn’t drop the hammer on these criminals, we can say this is why the street takeover crowd doesn’t take police or court seriously.

They can do this sort of thing and just run off without fear of being arrested. And even if they are arrested, they might not face charges or the prosecutor will hit them with something laughably pathetic.

And so we expect these types of violent street takeover crimes will continue, likely getting even worse.

Image via KTLA 5/YouTube

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