The Aventador Successor's Carbon Monocoque Is 10 Percent Lighter, 25 Percent Stiffer

lamborghini aventador successor lb744 chassis
Lamborghini Monocoque Is 10% Lighter, 25% StifferLamborghini

Lamborghini revealed more details on the Aventador's V-12 hybrid-powered successor, codenamed LB744, on Tuesday, giving us an in-depth look at the car's all-new carbon fiber monocoque chassis.

The LB744 uses an entirely new structure versus the Aventador, with a monocoque that's taller and longer than before, mainly to accommodate drivers of different sizes. Called the "monofuselage," it's split into two main sections, a top half and a bottom half. The bottom portion, the main tub, is a singular item made using a gigantic industrial press from Lamborghini's patented Forged Composites material. The material is essentially a tightly packed collection of short carbon fibers soaked in resin. The top half, which consists of the roof and pillars, is more traditional woven carbon fiber that's hardened in an autoclave.

The cabin cell isn't where the carbon fiber stops. The Forged Composites material is also used for the front core structure; two structural pieces of the frame that extend to the front bumper area. Not only does this cut weight by 20 percent and move the center of gravity towards the center of the LB744, but it also improves crash impact strength over a traditional aluminum structure.