Award-Winning One-Of-Seven 1970 GTO Is Selling At Mecum Indy

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The Pontiac GTO is an exceptional car, no matter what way you look at it. Whether it's the original '64 GTO that started the muscle car revolution or the 2004 model, which saw the introduction of the LS1 into the car's history, the GTO is America's favorite muscle car. However, there was one car that we didn't mention for an excellent reason. This discrepancy is because it's on an entirely different level. Of course, we mean the Judge. Like many mean muscle machines of the time, such as the Chevelle, Camaro, and Firebird, 1970 was the year that the GTO saw one of its most fantastic forms. This car epitomizes that point perfectly with its intense nature and ability to turn heads to this day still.

Under the hood of this monstrous muscle car is a wicked 400 cubic inch V8 which helps the vehicle to achieve a stunning 370 horsepower. Transferring that power is an automatic transmission which makes the car a blast to drive as it provides the driver with more than enough control over that power to glide down any track in excellent time smoothly.

It is one of only sever Ram Air IV GTO Judge Convertibles produced with automatic transmission, and it’s equipped with 23 options. This Palladium Silver painted GTO was once the subject of a frame-off restoration, and includes PHS documentation, reproduction window sticker, and owner’s manual.

This great car is selling at Mecum Indy May 12-20. With over 3000 vehicles expected, this is a must for classic and collector car enthusiasts.

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