AWD RX-7 vs. Trackhawk, GR Yaris-Powered AE86, Greatest Alfa Romeos: The Best Automotive Videos on YouTube This Week

Screenshot:  Dino DC YouTube
Screenshot: Dino DC YouTube

YouTube is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to car fans, and it continues giving us gems. This week, we have highlights from the 2023 WRC Guanajuato Rally in Mexico. There’s a GR Yaris that gave its life so an AE86 could have turbo three-cylinder power. A popular automotive YouTuber buys his dream car. And a famous car dealership closes up shop after 40 years in business.

So sit back, relax, and get lost with us as we look through a handful of the best automotive videos YouTube has to offer this week. Enjoy!

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The Best Race Cars From Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo’s 8 best racing cars of all time


Despite having a rather sad-looking lineup these days, Alfa has a rich racing heritage that goes back a century. That’s a lot of racing history to pull from. Goodwood, however, managed to narrow that back-catalog down to just eight race cars from the company’s past — the best Alfa Romeo race cars of all time.

Reviewing a Buick GNX in 2023

Buick Grand National Experimental Review // The Demon Of The ‘80s

The Buick Grand National delivered monster performance in the 1980s. In the final year of its production, Buick engineers got together with McLaren Performance Technologies and slapped everyone in the face with the GNX. With an underrated turbocharged V6 engine, this thing was running to 60 mph in under five seconds over 30 years ago. These days, with how much we’re spoiled for performance, does the GNX live up to the legend? Throttle House reviewed the ol’ Darth Vader Buick to find out.

A GR Yaris-Swapped Toyota AE86

The GR Yaris Powered Toyota AE86!

The Toyota GR Yaris was a hit when it landed on the streets in 2020. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant for us here in the U.S. — though, thankfully Toyota gave us the Corolla GR. The centerpiece of these GR cars is the brilliant turbocharged inline-three engine. But just how would that engine do in an older Toyota model? Dino DC went to go find out at a Japanese tuner shop called Daddy Motorworks. There they ripped the 3-cylinder engine out of a GR Yaris and dropped it into one of the most perfect drift cars, an AE86.

Probably the Cleanest GMT-400 GMC Sierra You’ll Ever See

I’m an OBS CRACKHEAD and bought the nicest surviving GMT-400 GMC Sierra pickup IN THE WORLD!

Seeing this video made me believe that there are probably a lot of clean examples of pristine trucks out there. You know, the ones bought brand-new by someone’s dad or grandpa, meticulously maintained for the last 25-plus years. Hoovies Garage stumbled on such a find and purchased it: A one-owner, 1995 GMC Sierra extended cab with just 67,000 miles.

The History of Chrysler’s Last V8 Engine

The History of the Chrysler Hemi Gen III

Chrysler’s Hemi V8 made a comeback in 2003 in the Dodge Ram pickup. Developed as a replacement for the company’s 5.9-liter engine, the Hemi V8 has since left a significant mark on automotive performance. The Gearhead Lounge goes over the 20-plus-year history of Chrysler’s V8 engine. From the standard 5.7-liter versions all the way up to the monstrous 6.2 and 6.4 versions in Challengers and Chargers, the Hemi V8 will definitely be remembered in the electric future we’re heading into.

Has YouTube Changed Car Culture for Better or for Worse?

Car Culture Has Changed: Youtube’s Consequences

Like I keep saying, YouTube is a goldmine of nearly endless content for car enthusiasts. But how has the platform affected automotive culture? ThatDudeInBlue examines YouTube’s effect on automotive culture as a whole — good and bad.

Buying a Dream Car

I’ve bought my DREAM CAR!

Being a (successful) automotive YouTuber has to be a lot of work. But that hard work comes with the perks of making a nice living — one that allows the purchase of some nice things. Take Mat Watson Cars, who went and purchased a brand-new Porsche 911 GT3 RS. He got it in an excellent color too: Python Green, a $4,220 option here in the states.

The End of an Era

Cal Worthington’s iconic California car dealerships end business after 40 years

Cal Worthington was one of the most famous auto dealers in the country. Known for his west coast dealer network and “His Dog Spot!” His main dealership, Worthington Ford, was a staple in Long Beach, California for over 40 years. Even my mom purchased cars from them years ago. The company, now run by Worthington’s grandson, recently sold the dealer to an Orange County-based group. The sale marked the end of the Worthington dealership empire, as the Ford showroom was the last dealership owned by the family.

A Rotary Vs. a Supercharged Hemi V8

Rob Dahm’s 4 Rotor AWD RX-7 vs 850hp Jeep Trackhawk // THIS vs DAHM

A wild all-wheel-drive Mazda RX-7 vs a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is the kind of face-off I love. Put together by Hoonigan, on one side we have Rob Dahm and his 1993 RX-7 that he’s owned since he was 18 and it was stock. It’s modded to hell now and he’s 39. It’s powered by a monster of an engine with quad rotors and a huge turbocharger.

On the other side is Jonathan Sepeda and his 2019 Trackhawk. It’s mostly stock, but running E85 helps it achieve a full 850 horsepower. Who could win in a wild matchup like this? Watch to find out.

Guanajuato Rally México Highlights

Day 2 Highlights | WRC Guanajuato Rally México 2023

The three-day Guanajuato Rally was held outside the Mexican city of León from March 16th through the 19th. The nearly 250-mile-long route is brutal as racers make their way up the Sierra de Lobos and Sierra de Guanajuato mountains. FIA WRC highlights some of the wild moments from day two of the rally’s running.

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