Backfire News Readers Get Exclusive Chance to Win a Rare 840-HP Dodge Demon

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Backfire News Readers Get Exclusive Chance to Win a Rare 840-HP Dodge Demon
Backfire News Readers Get Exclusive Chance to Win a Rare 840-HP Dodge Demon

Dream Giveaway, known for its extraordinary sweepstakes, has just launched an opportunity for muscle car enthusiasts to win a monstrous 2018 Dodge Demon, boasting an incredible 840 horsepower. This limited-edition muscle car, a jewel in the crown of automotive engineering, is now within reach, and readers of Backfire News have a unique advantage - double the entries for an exclusive chance to win this rare beast.

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This grand-prize Dodge Demon isn't just any muscle car; it's a symbol of ultimate power and performance. With the inclusion of the Demon crate and factory-supplied PCM, the winner will enjoy the maximum horsepower that Dodge initially offered. While standard Demons boast a staggering 808 horsepower, this particular model takes it up a notch to 840 HP, making it the fastest supercharged V-8 muscle car ever built by Dodge.

The 2018 Dodge Demon has become an icon among muscle car collectors, celebrated for its raw power and historic significance as arguably the most important muscle car in Dodge's storied history. Now, through this Dream Giveaway, one lucky winner will have the chance to own this legendary vehicle, which has a mere 8,000 miles on the odometer.

Beyond its breathtaking horsepower, this Dodge Demon dazzles with its Pitch Black paint, luxurious black Laguna leather/Alcantara interior, and an array of cool features including a 6.2L Supercharged HEMI V-8 engine, Air Grabber hood, and a Demon serialized dash plaque. It is serialized as #1125, making it a unique collectible.

The winner will not only receive this formidable muscle car but also the highly coveted Demon crate. This includes seven trackside tools, front runner drag wheels, and a high-octane performance powertrain control module, among other items. Additionally, the prize covers $24,000 in taxes and an assortment of Race Gas products to fully unleash the Dodge Demon's power.

This sweepstakes isn't just about winning a car; it's about making a difference. Your participation supports charities that aid veterans and children, making this an opportunity to win big while contributing to meaningful causes.

Backfire News readers, don't miss your exclusive chance to double your entries in this once-in-a-lifetime giveaway. Enter now and you could be the one to experience the sheer thrill of owning and driving the legendary 840-HP Dodge Demon. Enter now!