Bad News: The Awesome New Alpine A110 Isn't Coming to the US

Photo credit: Alpine
Photo credit: Alpine

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A couple of weeks ago, French automaker Alpine finally revealed the car we've all been waiting for: a production-ready A110 sports car. Complete with great looks, a mid-engine layout, and 250 horsepower, it's set to be a real contender in the modern sports car market. Except, there's just one problem. It's not coming to the U.S.

In an interview with Leftlane at the Geneva Auto Show, Alpine boss Bernard Ollivier made it clear the new A110 isn't America-bound. "At the moment we are not planning on selling the A110 in the U.S.," he said. "Re-launching the brand is a big project. Right now we're focusing on markets like Europe and Japan."


Considering the vast majority of Americans have no idea what the Alpine brand is, it's not too surprising the automaker came to this decision. Expanding into the U.S. market is a huge, daunting task, one that a small company like Alpine might not want to take on yet.

That doesn't make it any less disappointing, though.

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