Baddest Dodge Coronet Around Even Puts A Smile On Cop’s Face

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With 700-horsepower and snarling looks, what’s not to love about this build?

Every car enthusiast can appreciate a tastefully done restomod, whether you’re into JDM or old school muscle we all aspire to one day build something of our own. This community that we share as car enthusiasts is often contrasted against the overwhelming authoritarianism displayed by the police. In our car culture, the cops are something to be feared and represent everything that tries to take our beloved machines away from us. However, we often forget that within the ranks of the police are people, just as fascinated with high-horsepower behemoths as we are. This deviation from popular belief is best displayed in the case of this monstrous 700+ horsepower Dodge Coronet restomod, being such a cool car that even the cops agree that it's worth letting a ticket slide.


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On occasion, whilst being pulled over, rather than being chastised for speeding or any number of California’s various dumb regulations designed to put car people down. The owner was asked one question, “That thing got a Hemi?” to which he responds appropriately with “You wanna see it?” Under the hood is a Mopar Performance 472ci Hemi V8 sending 700 horsepower through a 727 reverse manual valve body transmission. All of that power sends the tires screaming like a bat out of hell leaving nothing but smoke and exhaust in its wake. Stopping power is handled by 11-inch drum brakes all around, and the interior is as close to stock as possible.

When properly prepped it is said that the car can run in the low 11-second range, which is an extremely fast time, especially for a street-legal car. This hot rod is a beast that puts a smile on everyone’s face. Nothing can compare to the beautiful growl of a big-block Hemi V8, squeezing as much power as possible, using every inch of displacement to make something magical. One of the coolest parts of this racing classic is the presence of a back seat and comfortable interior. What an incredible piece of Mopar madness powered by a huge performance-oriented Hemi.

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