Bahraini Fund Fully Acquires McLaren, Promising Stability and Growth

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Bahraini Fund Fully Acquires McLaren, Promising Stability and Growth
Bahraini Fund Fully Acquires McLaren, Promising Stability and Growth

In a significant move, Bahrain's Mumtalakat Holding Company has acquired full ownership of McLaren, the renowned British sports car and racing team manufacturer. This acquisition comes at a crucial time as McLaren has faced financial challenges and operational delays in recent years. With Mumtalakat, previously the largest shareholder, now at the helm, McLaren is set for a transformative phase focusing on innovation, product development, and stabilizing its financial footing.

An historic endurance racecar is headed to auction.

The McLaren Group, encompassing both McLaren Automotive and McLaren Racing, has experienced tumultuous times, including the sale of its headquarters to finance the production of the new Artura model. The consolidation of ownership under Mumtalakat is expected to streamline operations and provide the necessary capital for McLaren to pursue its long-term strategies without the financial uncertainties that have hindered its progress.

Under this new ownership structure, McLaren Racing, with its presence in Formula 1, IndyCar, Formula E, and Extreme E, is poised for success. Zak Brown's continued leadership as CEO until 2030 is seen as a stabilizing factor for the racing division's ambitions on the global stage.


The acquisition by Mumtalakat marks a pivotal chapter for McLaren, offering a fresh lease on life for the iconic brand. It underscores the commitment of the Bahraini fund to sustaining McLaren's legacy of excellence in automotive engineering and motorsport. As McLaren embarks on this renewed journey, it aims to leverage its newfound stability to compete more effectively against rivals with substantial corporate backing and historical prestige.

The strategic move not only ensures McLaren's survival but also sets the stage for a period of growth and innovation, with the backing of a shareholder that understands the brand's value and potential. This partnership is expected to drive McLaren towards a prosperous future, cementing its status as a leading name in the automotive and racing industries.

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