Baker Mayfield’s Modest Car Collection

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Baker Mayfield’s Modest Car Collection
Baker Mayfield’s Modest Car Collection

Living exceptionally is something Baker Mayfield has been doing ever since he became the first Sooner to win the Heisman. The quarterback’s hot streak continues as he snagged Tom Brady’s old job heading up the Buccaneers offense and earned Offensive MVP at the Pro Bowl. With this NFL success has come the big bucks which Mayfield has used in part to assemble a nice, yet surprisingly modest car collection.

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Rolls-Royce Wraith

To announce a new spokesman deal with an underwear brand, Mayfield posed next to a white Rolls-Royce Wraith with a tiger lounging nearby. We don’t think the tiger is actually his, but many theorize the Rolls is. Considering how much cash the guy has, that’s entirely plausible. But if it is, he doesn’t brag about the ultra-luxury droptop.

Lexus LC 500 Convertible

This impressive Lexus flagship convertible is a technological wonder but it’s not a ride Mayfield likes to show off. He’s been photographed walking away from it while arriving to work and that’s it, but hats off to him for having good taste is all we have to say.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

A photo posted to Reddit five years ago shows a guy who some firmly believe is Baker Mayfield standing next to a 2016 Wrangler JKU. While the Jeep looks too clean to have ever ventured off pavement, others think anyone who believes that’s Baker in the photo is smoking something. Do you think that’s him or is this just some guy who kinda looks like Baker?

Chevy Tahoe

Baker has been photographed arriving to work in a black Chevy Tahoe. While they’re definitely not cheap SUVs they’re also not exactly flashy, so in a way one could argue this is a practical ride he might use to blend in with the crowd. They’re also comfortable, especially for bigger guys.


Mayfield even had a famous interaction with fans at high speeds in this ride, eventually giving them his autograph. So we definitely know he tools around in this Chevy.

Chevy Bolt

It wasn’t that long ago Mayfield was a relatively poor rookie quarterback in the NFL. As we all know, success in college football doesn’t always translate into being a standout among the pros, so the man came into the league pushing a Chevy Bolt of all things. It’s a fairly humble little hatchback but what made his choice in rides even more interesting was the fact it was an EV.

He also reportedly harassed a teammate later for driving a similarly down-to-earth ride, saying it was something he got in Hot Wheels packs. But we think that was just some good natured ribbing, not the guy seriously looking down on his pal.

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