Barbie-themed Maserati Grecale Trofeo: Stick that in your dream house

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A new live-action Barbie movie is coming, which means brand collaborations across several industries. The car-crazy Barbie world is teaming up with Maserati and Neiman Marcus to create a one-off Grecale Trofeo SUV with so much pink that the Mary Kay paint factory may be running low for a while.

As a whole, the Barbie universe is incredibly car-friendly and has featured some iconic models over the years, including Corvettes, a 911, a Ferrari, and various Jeeps. Maserati’s hoping to get on that list with its new Grecale Trofeo SUV. The automaker partnered with Neiman Marcus on the car as part of its Fantasy Gift Launch and to celebrate the release of the new Barbie movie.


Only one Grecale Trofeo will be available in the United States as part of the promotion (did they think that's all they could sell?). Like other Trofeos, it uses the 530-horsepower V6 Nettuno engine from the MC20 and features the classic Barbie pink exterior colors. Logos and other graphics accent the loud exterior color. Inside, the black interior features full leather upholstery and leather covering the dash, doors, and other components. The seats feature pink “B” stitching.

Maserati and Neiman Marcus estimate the value of the SUV at $330,000. Ten percent of the sales will go to the Barbie Dream Gap Project, so this is more than a vanity project for Maserati and the department store chain.

We don’t know much about the other cars that will make appearances in Margo Robbie’s upcoming Barbie remix, but the movie’s teaser poster shows her driving a C1 Corvette with what appears to be a charging port door. An electrified first-generation Corvette would make waves, but even something as unique as that will have a hard time competing with the Grecale for attention.

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