Barn Find 1954 Buick Special Gets First Bath

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What a filthy animal!

Most kids these days won’t understand that Buicks used to be something other than the other-ran brand kept by GM to pander to the Chinese market. Why back in the day Buicks were stylish with the three portholes in the front fender and a look which set them apart from all others. Instead of focusing on the sad blob which wears the Buick name today, this video focuses on the happy past embodied in a 1954 Buick Special.

Watch a rare Italian beauty get a nice bath here.

The guy who shot this video, who runs the YouTube channel TheCovetteBen, says he bought this Buick off someone on Facebook recently. It sat outside for many years and obviously wasn’t washed that whole time and maybe long before then. It’s great to see in the video how this guy gives the classic the love it so richly deserves, power washing the exterior so you can clearly see all the corrosion.

Actually, this car doesn’t look too bad. If you were to put it on a lift and check out the chassis, which we get a brief and scary look at, but that’s not the purpose of the video. Instead, you get that satisfaction of seeing dirt and grime which has built up over the years blasted off the sheet metal with ease. Few things warm the soul quite like that.

Obviously, this Buick Special is far from perfect. It’s going to need some bodywork done, but not an excessive amount. With the proper amount of effort, it could look really great. We really like the look of the white roof and blue body, which is a smart combo. The trim appears to have survived better than the paint, which has a lot of pitting on the hood, roof, etc. Fortunately, those ultra-cool rocket taillights also look to be in fantastic shape.

What would you do with this car? Let us know in the comments.

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