Barn Find of the Century: An Astonishing 300-Car Trove Unveiled

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Unveiling an Unprecedented Collection: From Vintage Classics to Exotic Supercars

In an astonishing revelation that seems straight out of an automotive enthusiast's wildest dream, a colossal collection of approximately 300 classic and exotic cars has been unveiled, showcasing a treasure trove of automotive history hidden away in not one, but three expansive buildings. This epic "barn find," featured in a recent tour by AMMO NYC on YouTube, includes a staggering array of vehicles that have been quietly gathering dust and mystique over decades.


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The origins of this vast collection trace back to the late '70s, with many of the cars remaining untouched, unwashed, and unseen for over thirty years. The sheer diversity and rarity of the vehicles found within this collection are enough to make any car lover's heart race. From vintage American muscle and iconic European sports cars to unique race cars and luxury classics, this collection spans a wide spectrum of automotive greatness.

Highlights of the collection include a pristine 1974 Hurst Olds, a Plymouth Superbird in exceptional condition, and a Rolls-Royce destined for a Pro Street transformation. Noteworthy finds also feature a white Camaro RS with a classic houndstooth interior, a steel-bodied Willys, and an array of Shelby Cobras, signifying the owner's penchant for American performance icons. Additionally, the collection boasts several Dodge Chargers, Ford GTs, Camaros, Corvettes, Ferrari 308s, and Porsche 911s, showcasing a profound appreciation for both American muscle and European finesse.

Among the many gems, a Lamborghini LM 002 rumored to have been owned by Nicolas Cage and a vehicle speculated to have appeared in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" add a touch of Hollywood glamour to the collection. Moreover, a rare Oldsmobile Aurora GTS-1 race car, a 1950s Devin race car, and a Morgan roadster with astonishingly low mileage further highlight the eclectic and extraordinary nature of this hidden automotive paradise.

This collection, a veritable museum of automotive history, offers a glimpse into the passion and dedication of a collector who has amassed a staggering array of vehicles, each with its own story and legacy. As the automotive community marvels at this incredible find, the unveiling of this collection not only celebrates the beauty and engineering of these vehicles but also preserves a significant chapter of automotive culture for future generations to admire and appreciate.

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