Bat-Wielding Crooks Are Robbing Car Buyers Off Facebook Marketplace in New York, Cops Say

suspects accused of theft involving facebook marketplace
NYPD Searching for Facebook Marketplace RobbersNYPD

New York police are searching for a group of robbers accused of using Facebook Marketplace listings advertising used cars to lure victims in and rob them. Cops say the crew has brandished a gun, a knife, a bat, and even a club with nails in it to threaten their victims.

The NYPD says that the group's crime spree stretches back to the theft of an unattended car left on the side of an expressway in December. The thefts involving Facebook Marketplace started in March when two men stole $3000 from a would-be buyer after showing the stick full of nails. The string continued with six other thefts, most starting with a Facebook Marketplace listing for a car and all ending with substantial amounts of cash taken by either two or three thieves, including one incident where police say that $10,000 was taken and a victim suffered minor injuries after being struck with a baseball bat. Most of the incidents were reported in the Bronx, but one of the thefts involving a Facebook Marketplace listing happened in Queens.

The police department has not said which cars have been used as bait in the ad listings, but the NYPD noted that one of the vehicles shown wore a plate stolen from another car from another incident. The crew fled in cars on a few occasions, including one where they allegedly stole the victim's vehicle to get away. In two other instances, they were seen in a black Honda and a gray Mercedes-Benz.


The NYPD has shared screenshots of Facebook pages under the names George Smith and Akeem Brown in addition to the stills from security footage of previous incidents. The department is looking for any further information on the crimes and accept tips online.

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