Batman’s Tumbler Gets Busted In Scottsdale

Batman’s Tumbler Gets Busted In Scottsdale
Batman’s Tumbler Gets Busted In Scottsdale

Does this mean the Dark Knight has moved to Arizona?

We know the topic of different Batmobiles and which one is a sensitive one, but it’s just a fact that the Tumbler is the best. Sure, some argue it’s technically not a Batmobile and so on but they’re wrong. Perhaps the best example of this amazing ride, apart from the movie props, is this one that was recently busted by police in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Owned by Lambo Jesus and built to perfection, which means to the tune of about $2 million from what we understand, this recreation of the amazing ride Batman uses in the Christopher Nolan trilogy is a real crowd pleaser. But don’t take our word for it, watch the video uploaded by car YouTuber effspot. In it, you see people absolutely losing their minds as this Tumbler takes its maiden voyage on the streets of Scottsdale late on a Sunday night.


People are snapping photos and following the Dark Knight’s ride as it traverses the roadways. And when Lambo Jesus parks it for a photo op with a professional photographer in a secluded spot, a small crowd starts to gather. So tell us, Tumbler haters, how supposedly nobody likes this amazing vehicle.

The Tumbler is such a wild ride, even if you’re not that into Batman you’d stare to see it in real life. We’ve seen one of the movie props in the flesh and it’s even more amazing in person than on the screen. Still, one guy at the gas station where the crew stopped made a big deal about not coming out to check out the ride because he’s “not a DC guy.” Lame.

However, all that attention also meant the local cops sure noticed this wild ride. One officer pulled up behind it while the Tumbler was parked at the gas pumps, activated his lights, and gave everyone the photo/video shots of a lifetime. It was all in good fun because Batman’s ride is in fact licensed to be driven on public roads in Arizona.

Thankfully, the cop didn’t see afterward when the afterburner was ignited, shooting a pretty good flame out of the center exhaust. We hope Lambo Jesus doesn’t ever accidentally activate that feature while driving down the road since the result could be pretty shocking and land him in some hot water.

Still, this is one incredible ride. Just like Bruce Wayne, Lambo Jesus has exotic vehicles and yet this rejected military transport is the coolest thing in his garage.