Bear Ravages Unlocked Range Rover

Bear Ravages Unlocked Range Rover
Bear Ravages Unlocked Range Rover

There’s an important lesson to learn here.

I always lock my car doors, even when parking in the garage. Some people have told me how paranoid that is, but I actually think it’s smart. After all, once the doors on your car are locked, the alarm is armed and someone who wants to get in your car can’t just pull on the handle. The same thing goes for bears, which have been known to open doors, as a woman in California learned the hard way recently.

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As reported by KTVU Fox 2 San Francisco, a woman from the Bay Area was on a mountain retreat with some girlfriends for a bachelorette bash when she parked her white Range Rover outside at night. After hearing some strange noises coming from the luxury SUV in the morning, she opened the tailgate using the key fob, revealing the bear which had been camped inside for most of the night.

This is hardly the first time we’ve seen a bear break into a car. Hey, we’ve even seen bears open doors and go inside convenience stores to grab a few quick snacks. So even if you’re out in the woods and don’t think anyone is around, it’s still a good idea to lock the doors on your vehicle.


The lady believes this bear was locked in her Range Rover for several hours. It tore apart the dash, every seat, and all four door panels. We’re not insurance adjusters by any means, but looking at the damage we’re going to guess the pricey SUV is totaled. Considering how easily these things break, the bear might have even done her a favor.

With car theft so rampant, you need to worry about more than just bears breaking into your vehicle, even if it isn’t something all that nice. After all, kids are stealing Kias and Hyundais in record numbers these days, so beefing up your vehicle security is a good idea.

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