BearCats Are More Versatile Than You Might Realize

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BearCats Are More Versatile Than You Might Realize  
BearCats Are More Versatile Than You Might Realize

If you’re like a lot of people, you’re aware of the BearCat because of its use by police tactical teams in high-risk operations. The boxy, armored vehicles have proven themselves invaluable when a suspect is armed and waiting to ambush law enforcement as they approach. But what you might not realize is the BearCat comes in a wide array of models and is used by more than just police.

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The primary market for BearCats, which are manufactured by Lenco, are military units. To accommodate the variety of needs, different variants or models offer a surprising array of functions. For example, the X3 FireCat is designed not only to respond to fires but also to provide crowd control measures. It contains a water-deployment system, making it like a mini fire engine with a joystick control for the built-in water nozzles.

As the name might indicate, the BearCat Engineer is a military Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) unit. When military forces are occupying enemy territory or dealing with insurgents, these vehicles are key to diffusing potential bombs. A rear ramp allows a tactical robot on treads to exit and enter on its own while bomb technicians use a communications suite from inside the armored vehicle. A CBRNE detector upfit is available, allowing teams to detect not only explosives but chemical, biological, and radiological agents.


There’s a BearCat MedEvac is designed for providing medical care in hostile environments, complete with a four-litter setup. The interior is designed for transporting emergency medical equipment like oxygen tanks, defibrillators, etc. and has lighting to assist with giving field care before rapidly transporting injured troops to a proper medical facility.

There are many other variants of the BearCat and in all likelihood the lineup will grow further with time.

All BearCats not only protect against small arms fire but are designed to withstand blasts from below such as IEDs and land mines. They can be outfitted with a variety of weapons systems, including a gunner position on the roof and remote weapons systems. And while they certainly work well in urban environments, Lenco has designed most versions to be at least decent off-roaders for when traversing rugged terrain is necessary.

These versatile transports can fill many roles, including riot control, remote weapons stations, and rapid troop deployment. Since they share many parts, including the turbodiesel V8 engine, maintenance and repairs are easier and less costly.

Images via Lenco