Belltown Hellcat Owner Gets Slapped With $83K Fine

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Belltown Hellcat Owner Gets Slapped With $83K Fine
Belltown Hellcat Owner Gets Slapped With $83K Fine

Miles Hudson, the infamous owner of the so-called Belltown Hellcat, went to court last week and was ordered to pay the city of Seattle $83,000 in fines. That’s a nice chunk of change, but after the guy bragged to cops about how many social media followers he has, perhaps he’s got plenty more where that came from.

Florida trooper rolls a fleeing Audi S4.

As recorded by local news station Fox 13 Seattle, Hudson showed up to court wearing a full face mask, head covering, and dark sunglasses. Perhaps he was going for the street takeover incognito look, but it seems strange coming from someone who has sought out so much attention online.


Right after telling a reporter after the hearing he wouldn’t answer any questions, Hudson did respond to a query about how he would pay the steep fine. He hinted at the possibility he already has the cash, which lines up with his bragging to cops before and his flashy online persona.

Hudson’s mother was also at the hearing. She wore a black surgical mask and requested the camera crew not film her. There’s been some claims that she’s in fact the true owner of the modified Dodge Charger Hellcat, although we can’t confirm that.

It’s also worth noting that in the recent past, Hudson’s mother reportedly has filed domestic violence reports against her own son. That seems like a complicated situation and perhaps has something to do with his public behavior.

For a while, people living in the Belltown area of Seattle complained about the modified Hellcat and the backfires it produced which many claim sound like gunshots. Some members of the public did some online sleuthing, finally finding the guy’s rather popular social media accounts. Using those, they were able to identify Hudson and turned that information over to authorities.

Hudson faces more legal troubles, so this is hardly the last chapter in the saga.

Image via Fox 13 Seattle.

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