Best Car Sun Shades for 2024

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When the warmer months roll around, keeping your car cool can be a constant battle. It's usually easy enough to park in the shade or even roll into a garage, but many of us don't have that luxury. Luckily, it's easier and more affordable than ever to get a sun shade or two to help protect your car interior from harmful UV rays. This list includes some of the best car sun shades around, based on user ratings and reviews from across the web.

BDK Folding Front Windshield Sun Shade - $17.90

$17.90 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Sized 58" Width x 28" Height

  • Features a dual-layer bubble design

  • Available in multiple colorful variations

  • Reduces interior temperatures by 30 - 50°

  • Protects against UV rays

  • Easy setup / Accordion design

  • Reversible


These BDK sun shades come in several expressive designs and promise to keep your interior 30-50°F cooler than if you didn't have one. They're 58" in width and 28" in height, and since they're opaque, offer 100% UV protection. The shades feature a foldable accordion design and they're even reversible, if you don't feel like facing the design outward all the time.

A1 Shades - From $15.99

$15.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Available in 7 different sizes

  • Constructed with reflective nylon 210T to protect against UV rays

  • Foldable for easy storage

  • Includes a storage pouch

The A1 shades are great for people who want to fill every inch of their windshield, as these come in seven different sizes with a size chart available on the product listing. Like most sun shades, it blocks UV rays and keeps your vehicle cooler, but this one uses durable and reflective nylon 210T to get the job done. It uses two support structures to reinforce the shade and this one, like many others, is foldable for easy storage.

JASVIC Car Windshield Sun Shade Umbrella - $16.95 (26% off)

$16.95 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Universal size 56" x 33" fits most trucks, cars and SUVs

  • Can be compacted down to 12.6" long

  • Umbrella-like design

  • Multiple layers of heat insulation

  • Purchase includes the sun umbrella and a leather case

This JASVIC sun shade is unique to our list because it's the only option that features an umbrella-like design. Just like an umbrella, you basically just expand it from a handle and it opens to cover your windshield. Like most sunshades, its main purpose is to protect against heat and UV rays. It should fit most trucks, cars and SUVs, but be sure to measure your windshield against its 56" x 33" design.

Magnelex Windshield Sun Shade - From $16.99

$16.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Available in 4 different sizes

  • Constructed with reflective polyester material to protect against sunlight

  • Includes a storage bag

  • Includes a steering wheel cover sunshade

The Magnelex sun shades come in four different sizes with a size chart available on the product listing. The sizes range from medium, meant for smaller compact cars, to extra large, meant for SUVs, trucks and vans. These shades are made with a premium quality reflective polyester material and they even come with their own storage bag and a bonus "steering wheel cover sunshade" for no extra cost.

Enovoe Car Window Shade (2 Pack) - $9.99 (5% off)

$9.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Sized 21" x 14"

  • Sunshades for your windows, not your windshield

  • Mesh fabric dual-layer design blocks 97% of UV rays

  • Attaches to window using static cling, no adhesives or suction cups required

  • Includes a storage pouch and a free e-book with "tips for keeping your children safe in the heat"

  • Manufacturer offers a "lifetime, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee"

The Enovoe window shade two-pack is nearly always one of the best-selling shades available. These aren't the "cover-your-whole-windshield" kind of sun shade, but rather, they're smaller shades meant for windows, and easier to configure. Despite the fact that these shades are translucent, they still block over 97% of UV rays thanks to their dual-layer design, which provides protection while maintaining visibility. They're sized at 21" x 14" to fit most car windows. With your purchase you'll get a free premium pouch for storage, a free e-book with tips for keeping your children safe in the heat and a lifetime money-back guarantee.

EcoNour Windshield Sun Shade - From $18.99

$18.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Available in 7 sizes

  • Constructed with 240T "sun blocker" material to protect against UV rays

  • Foldable design

  • Includes a storage pouch

These EcoNour sun shades are available in six different sizes with a size chart available on the product listing. They make use of 240T polyester protective material, which keeps your interior cool and protects against UV rays. This style of sun shade is very durable, able to be folded, twisted and more. It also comes with its very own storage pouch that's small enough to easily fit in most vehicles glove box or door side pocket.

What are car sun shades?

Sun shades are foldable, portable reflectors that can be placed in your vehicle’s windows to keep your vehicle cooler during bright, hot, sunny days.

Why do you need a sun shade?

They help to keep your vehicle cooler during bright, hot, sunny days.

How do you use a sun shade?

Unfold it, stick it in your window, reflector side out and return to a cooler car. 

How much does a sun shade cost?

Sun shades are relatively inexpensive and can be easily found for under $20.

Pros and cons of using a sun shade:

Sun shades protect the interior of your car from the sun’s harmful rays, but you do have to have a place to store them when not in use.

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