What Would Be the Best Bank Heist Car?

What Would Be the Best Bank Heist Car? photo
What Would Be the Best Bank Heist Car? photo

When I read Adam's review of the new Audi S4, a sport sedan with the flair of something you'd begrudgingly collect from an airport rental lot, my first thought was "getaway car." What do you think the best bank heist car would be?

My favorite heist movie is still The Transporter, starring Jason Statham and (briefly) his manual-shift BMW 7 Series. I don't care what Rotten Tomatoes says, the chases are great and so is the soundtrack. Though Ronin also has to come up if we're talking organized-crime movie car chases ... also featuring sweet German sedans.

Of course, those movies take place in Europe, where BMWs and Audis are everywhere. If you're going to pull a bank job in America, I think Ryan Gosling and Bryan Cranston had the right idea with the sleeper-build Chevy Impala they set up for Drive.


Essentially, you want stealthy performance with room for your crew and your haul. Baby Driver's bright-red WRX would be tough to sneak into the night in (though there was a plan for that in the movie if I recall correctly).

If I have to pick one for myself—I might throw a bit of a curveball and say: A modified GMT800. Grab an old Chevy Suburban, leave the body scratches, paint fade, and stick-figure family stickers from the previous owner then put great tires on it, maybe lower it just a smidge, add some power, and reinforce the front bumper for when I need to push police cars out of the way.

That might be tough to navigate on the sidestreets of Nice, France ... but I'm pulling my heist in middle America, where I can escape into cornfields and blend in with the rest of the average strip mall parking lot set.