Best Cars for Moms

Moms, and dads, seeking a family-friendly new car will want a vehicle that boasts excellent safety and reliability, along with practicality, high fuel economy, and comfortable front and second-row seats. For larger families, a third-row of seating may be necessary, and for families living in colder climates, all-wheel drive is probably a good idea. Ideally, the perfect family vehicle will provide a long lifespan with a trouble-free driving experience, which translates to excellent value.

iSeeCars considered all of these traits when identifying the best cars for mom. The top models are grouped by vehicle type below, and then ranked according to their total lifespan, which translates into an annual lifespan cost and rewards models that last the longest. Safety and reliability also play a role in how cars are ranked for each vehicle category, with those ratings and the overall iSeeCars quality rating provided for each model.

Beyond expected dad-and-mom-car elements, such as a roomy interior with plenty of space for car seats and family accessories, plus a fuel-efficient powertrain and easily-accessible cargo area, parents should pay close attention to standard and optional safety features. Most modern vehicles include advanced technology like automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, and lane-keeping assist. But family-oriented features, including rear seat reminder (warns drivers to not leave their children in the car) and safe exit assist (warns passengers not to open their door when traffic is approaching) add useful child-specific protection to a vehicle.


Family-friendly amenities are another area to consider when buying a family-friendly vehicle. Long road trips can feel much shorter with a user-friendly touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A wi-fi hotspot that lets kids browse the internet can keep them entertained, while adaptive cruise control reduces parental fatigue. Best of all, it doesn’t take Porsche-level money to find these features. All of them are standard on mainstream models like the Subaru Outback or Kia Telluride three-row SUV.

For families on a tighter budget, today’s compact SUVs may give up a third-row of seating and some cubic feet of cargo space, but most of them still include the above features, even on base models. And these smaller SUVs offer higher fuel efficiency, which means reduced operating costs over the life of the vehicle. You can read about these features, and see the new and used pricing and mpg ratings, for each model below.

Best Small Cars for Moms:

  • Subaru Impreza: $1,721.62 (Annual Lifespan Cost)

  • Toyota Corolla: $1,850.22 (Annual Lifespan Cost)

  • Honda Civic: $1,993.15 (Annual Lifespan Cost)

Best Midsize Cars for Moms:

  • Honda Accord: $1,919.48 (Annual Lifespan Cost)

  • Toyota Camry: $2,133.29 (Annual Lifespan Cost)

  • Subaru Legacy: $2,357.00 (Annual Lifespan Cost)