Never Lose Sight of Your Valuables; The Best GPS Trackers for 2024, Tested

best gps trackers tested in glovebox and obd2 port
Best Car GPS Trackers for 2024, TestedGannon Burgett - Car and Driver

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This article was updated in March 2024 with new products and information.

GPS trackers are changing how we monitor essential aspects of our lives. Whether you're a parent, a fleet manager, or someone who values their security, you will likely see value in a GPS tracker. These devices have evolved beyond simple tracking; they now offer apps, reports, and alerts, all customizable to your needs.

Despite possibly shady and downright unlawful applications (tracking a person without their consent is illegal in most states), GPS trackers have plenty of legal and reasonable uses. For example, parents use them to monitor a new driver's location and driving habits. They can provide peace of mind for caregivers of elderly drivers. Fleet managers use them to keep tabs on trucks and deliveries. And if your car gets stolen, a GPS tracker can locate it for law enforcement.


We've tested and reviewed some of the top trackers on the market to help you make the best decision for your needs. Which one should you buy?

Things to Consider When Shopping for a GPS Tracker for Cars

Subscription Cost

In most cases, a GPS tracker will require a monthly subscription cost. Some companies offer discounts for up-front bulk payments, so select the subscription that best suits you and your budget.

Battery Life

A GPS tracker will only report if there is power, so battery life is a key consideration. While this will vary widely, the general rule of thumb is that the more often the GPS reports, the shorter the battery life. We suggest setting the low-battery alert on your GPS tracker to avoid the no-battery problem.

Desired Use

You likely have a good idea of how you wish to use your GPS tracker. Let this inform your purchasing decision—consider what you are tracking and what you'd like to know. Hardwire options are for vehicle use only; battery-powered products provide monitoring solutions for all your belongings.

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How We Evaluated GPS Trackers

When we ran these trackers through our Gear Team testing gauntlet, we noted the following parameters:

  • Reliability for triggering speed and geofence alerts

  • Data and features the tracker provides

  • Ease of Use

We tested each tracker on a test route featuring a gamut of possible GPS-tracker triggers, including an underground structure. (Interestingly, none of the trackers we tested dropped its signal, even five stories down.)

Next, we dug through each product's app and desktop versions, noting the alerts, reports, and notifications. To gauge the user experience, a tester familiar with the apps compared user-experience notes with another tester who had zero experience using them, evaluating each app's user interface and learning curve to usability.

We settled on a 2022 Ford Bronco Badlands (with a manual!) for this test. On our planned testing route, we had to navigate five stories in an underground parking garage, which proved a bit tricky thanks to the size of the Badlands but gave us the testing data we needed. That's right: We tested small, discreet devices in a vehicle that is anything but. Fitting, right?

Which GPS trackers performed best for various types of users? Here's what we found.

The Best GPS Trackers for Cars


Bouncie's effortless user experience makes it our choice for the Best Overall. Activating the device took mere moments since it has a true plug-and-play setup. After a quick 10-minute drive, we were good to go.

With a range of alert options like impact detection, curfew, and erratic driving, it was clear Bouncie has given sincere thought to what a typical person is looking for in a GPS tracker. The real star was its intuitive, easy-to-use app, which displays fuel levels, engine and battery health, and vehicle specs. It even features a space for insurance details.

One benefit to an OBD-connected GPS tracker is you don't have to worry about its battery dying. However, that convenience comes at a cost, since the Bouncie will only report while the car ignition is on.


  • Speed

  • Impact Detection

  • GeoZone

  • Rapid Acceleration

  • Hard Braking

  • Curfew

  • Trip Start and End

  • Fuel Level

  • Distance Driven

  • Idle Time

  • Trip Fuel Economy

Key Features:

  • Chronological Trip Log

  • 15-Second Updates

  • Vehicle Health Monitors

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Gannon Burgett


With a belt clip, key chain, and magnetic accessory, the Tracki is as versatile as it is reliable. During the test we were delighted with the steady influx of alerts we received via email and text; the push notifications were less predictable.

This device has powerful reporting options, and you can easily customize the data that is important to you through the app or desktop. But what stands out about the Tracki are three physical buttons that send a manual alert to designated contacts, acting as a means of communication in an emergency or as simply a primitive text message.

We were impressed at the Tracki's power, which provides an elegant solution for different needs: car, kids, pets, keys, and more.


  • Speed

  • Moving Alert

  • Geofence Entrance/Exit

  • SOS Button

  • Right Key Pressed

  • Left Key Pressed

  • Low Battery

  • Power On/Power Off

Key Features:

  • Multiple Accessories

  • Free Device Replacement (Lifetime Warranty)

  • Tracks in One-Minute Intervals

  • Worldwide Coverage (Up to 190 Countries)

  • Tracking via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

  • SOS Panic Button

  • Five-Year Tracking History

  • Live Phone Support

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LandAirSea 54

For those looking for a straightforward tracker, the LandAirSea 54 is our pick. Keeping it simple, LandAirSea only offers the three standard alerts: speed, battery, and geofencing. In spite of its simplicity, there are plenty of reports that can give you clarity on the whereabouts of your item within any specified time.

The app is rather plain but no sweat to navigate. We especially enjoyed the historical playback feature, which allows you to view your trips in intervals. While we found the email alerts to be dependable, the push notifications were fickle at best.


  • Speed

  • Battery

  • Geofence

Key Features:

  • Waterproof

  • Internal Magnet

  • Historical Playback Feature

  • Dark Mode Options (to reduce flashing lights)

  • ShareSpot (allows you to share location with designated contacts)

  • Customizable Subscriptions

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Apple AirTag

The Apple AirTag isn't technically an automotive GPS tracker, but through Apple's Find My network, it's easy to keep tabs on your car.

There's no option for geofences or departure notifications, but through Apple's iCloud web interface, it's possible to track your vehicle as long as it's in proximity to someone using an iPhone or iPad running iOS 14.5 or later. Drivers who aren't in the owner's network may also be alerted to the AirTag's presence, undermining its stealthiness.

No subscription is required, making this one of the more affordable options out there—even if that comes at the expense of more precise tracking features and alerts. As a bonus, the battery life is fantastic, with an AirTag able to work up to a year on a user-replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery.

It's also available in four-packs ($82.99 at Amazon)


  • N/A

Key Features:

  • No Subscription

  • Year-Long Battery Life

  • Compact

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Spytec GL300

The battery-powered Spytec GL300 is one of the more capable tracking units we tested. While it's designed for fleet-level tracking, it's also intuitive enough to use for personal needs.

Both the web interface and mobile apps (Android, iOS) are simple to navigate. While setting up alerts requires a learning curve, the push notifications were fast and reliable, updating within seconds of entering and exiting the geofences we set up.