These Are The Best Manufacturer Car Colors Ever Sold According To Readers

Photo: Dodge
Photo: Dodge

We can understand people buying cars in boring colors in an attempt to preserve their resale value, but come on. That’s nothing more than a race to the bottom where everyone drives the same greige car and loses it constantly in the parking lot. In fact, the number of people who all drive cars with boring colors is a big part of the reason rumors began to spread that residents of The Villages in Florida were all swingers.

Instead, we strongly encourage everyone to buy their next car in one of the good colors. It just makes the world more interesting! Which is why we asked on Tuesday what color you considered the best manufacturer paint color ever sold. Turns out, a lot of y’all really like the color blue. Unfortunately, we ended up with far more responses than we could ever hope to include in one slideshow, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular responses.

Midnight Purple - Nissan



Suggested by: Give Me Tacos or Give Me Death

San Marino Blue - BMW

For Blue, BMW’s San Marino Blue. You just want to dive in.

Mazda’s Crystal Soul Red truly is impressive especially given the lower price point of the vehicles it’s offered on.

I’m just so damn happy to live in a world where Plum Crazy Purple is as well accepted as it is. More purple cars!!!!

Suggested by: OutForARip

Midori Green - Honda

I don’t think Midori Green will ever be topped. Honda used it exclusively on the 1996 Civic hatch and never again.

Suggested by: The NSX Was Only In Development For 4 Years

World Rally Blue - Subaru

World Rally Blue from Subaru. Beautiful on almost every car they put it on.

Suggested by: Killing Time

Nitro Yellow Green - Chrysler

Chryslers Nitro Yellow Green used on the 1995 Neon. It was Chryslers first time doing a throwback to the Hi-Impact colors of the 70s. I think it looks particularly handsome with the matte anthracite painted mouldings and bumper stripes to give it a little extra. Chrysler later released several other extremely interesting colors on the Neon such as Lapis Blue, Magenta, Bright Jade Satin, Light Iris, and Strawberry but NYG is the shining gem of them all.

Suggested by: -Tom-

B5 Blue Metallic - Dodge

Chrysler’s B5 Blue Metallic

A solid blue, not too light, not too dark, with the metallic that makes car pop that are shot with this paint. This is a color that I never get tired of.

Suggested by: the1969DodgeChargerFan

Blue Pearl - Dodge

I was always a fan of Viper GTS Blue Pearl.

Suggested by: Scottchman427

Samba Green - Honda

I have and always will believe that the Honda Civic del Sol’s Samba Green is the best factory color ever offered. It was so emblematic of everything that made small, sporty-ish, fun cars of the 90's so great. I wish Honda would have found a way to work this color into some of their other low volume models, like maybe the S2000 or even the quirky 1st gen Insight.

Suggested by: paradsecar

Snapper Rocks Blue - BMW

Bmw’s Snapper Rocks Blue, especially in person, is the one for me. Better than Estoril Blue because it’s got just the slighest amount of turquoise in it, which we all know needs to make a comeback.

Suggested by: savethemanualsbmw335ix

Estoril Blue - BMW

Tough to pick just one, but my first thought was BMW Estoril Blue.

Suggested by: Tripper

Spirited Green Metallic - Mazda

My personal favorite is probably the metallic grass green that Mazda offered on the 2/Demio 15ish years ago. Every time I saw one driving around, I was envious of that beautiful vivid color!

A few others that stand out to me: Grabber Blue on the Mustang, Mazda’s True Red (I have a Mazda3 in it!), and that interesting coral-ish orange that Toyota offered on the Prius-C.

Suggested by: Evan Hayden

Panther Pink - Dodge

Panther Pink.

Suggested by: Cal67

Majestic Plum Metallic - Cadillac

Always found Cadillacs Majestic Plum Metallic to be a looker. It was also applied to a RWD SC V8 Manual Wagon so I’m a bit bias but...Meh

Suggested by: 3PedalsOrNothing

Guards Red - Porsche

Porsche “Guards Red” is always the answer.

Suggested by: dphuff

Speed Yellow - Porsche

Porsche’s PTS selection has a lot of greats. I’m partial to yellow sportscars, and I bought a yellow Cayman myself. BUT the best Porsche yellow is Speed Yellow(below):

Speed Yellow was eventually replaced by Racing Yellow, which too, is a nice color. But the ‘redder’ Speed Yellow looks a lot better. Racing Yellow:

Racing Yellow is a more neutral yellow compared to Speed Yellow, and it doesn’t have that extra spice that Speed Yellow has. Back in the day, Speed Yellow was a no cost color(German flag colors + white are ‘free’ paint). Nowadays, if you want Speed Yellow, you gotta get a PTS allocation and pay over $10k to get what was once a free paint option.

Suggested by: snisps

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