Best RV mattresses of 2024

Best RV mattresses of 2024

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RVs can be a second home for families and friends who love to travel. They are meant to be a house on wheels that can be taken anywhere in the country. They usually come with a kitchen, couches, a bathroom and a bed, and sleeping in the bed of an RV can be more cost-effective and practical than checking into a hotel. RV mattresses tend to be thin and a bit uncomfortable, so it would be wise to upgrade. The length of an RV mattress is a few inches shorter than a regular mattress, though, so make sure you get the right size. Here is a list of some of the best RV mattresses available now on Amazon:

King Koli Luxury Air Mattress - $149.95 (12% off)

$149.95 at Amazon

Key features

  • Best selling air mattress on Amazon

  • Waterproof and puncture-resistant

  • Comes with patch kits

  • Built-in air pump

  • Reaches full inflation in 2 minutes

  • Endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association

  • 1 year warranty


The King Koli Luxury Air Mattress is the #1 best selling camping air mattress on Amazon currently. It's also the only air mattress to receive an endorsement from the International Chiropractors Association for promoting better spinal alignment and healthier sleep. It's fully-flocked on the top and sides and has a skid-resistant bottom layer. It's waterproof and puncture-resistant and even comes with patch kits in case it springs a leak. It has separate knobs for inflation and deflation and reaches full inflation in 2 minutes.

Zinus 8-Inch Foam and Spring RV Mattress - $220.97 (37% off)

$220.97 at Amazon

Key features

  • Soft, yet durable feel

  • Made with high-quality and dense comfort foams

  • Support coil system

  • CertiPUR-US certified

  • 10-year limited warranty

The Zinus RV Mattress is another CertiPUR-US certified mattress for its durability, comfort and quality. It's made with high-quality foam layers and a durable coil. It also has a breathable and soft-knitted cover. It arrives rolled up in a box, and once it's removed it will reach its original shape in 72 hours. Even though this RV mattress is very durable, it comes with a 10-year limited warranty just in case it runs into any issues.

Coolsence RV Mattress - $279. 99

$279.99 at Amazon

Key features

  • Made with green tea infused AeroFusion memory foam 

  • Cooling gel 

  • Graphene technology cover 

  • Inner cover is flame-retardant and free of fiberglass 

  • CertiPUR-US certified

  • 10-year limited warranty

The Coolsence RV Mattress is made to fit RVs, but could also be used at home. The memory foam of this RV mattress is infused with green tea and has deodorant-like properties to prevent odors. The memory foam also has cooling gel to keep the mattress cool throughout the night. The graphene technology cover has anti-odor qualities as well, far-infrared features for better blood circulation and is anti-static. It’s CertiPUR-US certified and comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

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