Biden Administration Will Support Massachusetts Right To Repair Law After All

Photo: Obradovic (Getty Images)
Photo: Obradovic (Getty Images)

Earlier this year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) told automakers to ignore the Massachusetts Data Access Law, mandating open access to vehicle data. The federal agency claimed that open data cars could allow an avenue for hackers to break into vehicle control systems. NHTSA previously wanted to remain the sole regulator for vehicle data. Now, the agency openly supports Massachusetts’ right-to-repair law.

Wired reports that the Biden administration has abandoned its staunch anti-right-to-repair stance on motor vehicles. NHTSA sent a letter to the Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General now stating that the agency supports the state’s direction. An excerpt from the letter reads:

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It’s unclear how this U-turn will impact Massachusetts car owners in the immediate future. The Massachusetts Attorney General can now work towards enforcing the state’s right-to-repair data access law. However, automakers will still need time to develop the platforms to serve crucial information to mechanics and vehicle owners.

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