Bill To Slash EPA's Budget Almost 40% Passes The House

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Bill To Slash EPA's Budget Almost 40% Passes The House
Bill To Slash EPA's Budget Almost 40% Passes The House

After a 213-203 vote in the United States House of Representatives, a funding bill for the Environmental Protection Agency which cuts the federal agency’s budget 39% has passed. It’s a controversial move that would leave the EPA with a budget closer to what it enjoyed in the early 90s, points out The Hill.

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Considering how the EPA has been raiding speed shops with armed agents in tactical gear, as well as putting numerous automotive aftermarket parts companies out of business, it’s hard for us to shed a tear for the regulatory agency. It seems enough lawmakers feel the agency needs to cool its heels.


It’s also worth noting that back in April of this year, the EPA rolled out its 2027 car emissions standards, which were shockingly aggressive. The agency admitted its intent was to force the majority of consumers into electric vehicles. So that’s neat of them.

As covered by The Hill, Representative Mike Simpson said the move was about controlling spending and getting inflation under control. Considering how expensive everything has become and that government policy drives inflation, not consumer behavior, perhaps this is the right move to make.

While EPA Stans are furious about this move, one has to ask just how effective the agency that’s supposed to protect the environment but has caused or worsened numerous ecological disasters without answering for its actions truly is. Before they completely spin out, it’s unlikely this bill will pass the Senate.

That said, it’s helping to set a tone for negotiations between the two parties in the Senate and could signal that many government entities, not just the EPA, could be asked to do with less funding. See, it’s not a witch hunt like what the EPA has waged against numerous small and medium businesses in this country, so everything will be fine. Maybe the EPA can find some wiggle room in the budget by dropping all the hired guns, armored vehicles, and other components of its growing arsenal?

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