Billionaire Planning Titanic II Claims It Will Be Anti-Woke And Vaccine-Free

Photo: Rohan Thomson / Stringer (Getty Images)
Photo: Rohan Thomson / Stringer (Getty Images)

For more than a decade, Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, has worked to make a seaworthy replica of the Titanic, known as the Titanic II, a reality. He still has yet to begin construction of the ship, but one of these days, it’s definitely happening for sure. And to make sure Titanic II fares better on its maiden voyage than the original Titanic, it will be equipped with all the latest navigation and safety equipment, including enough lifeboats for all the passengers. He also insists it will be a symbol of “traditional values,” anti-woke and vaccine-free.

Palmer recently sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone where he talked about his plans for the Titanic II. It’s a long read, but many of the quotes are absolutely incredible. For example, while discussing what originally got him interested in building a second Titanic, Palmer said, “You remember the musicians on the Titanic that stood there at their station, playing “Nearer My God to Thee”? They were more concerned about the people that were with than themselves. We’re running our culture into a self-centered society, so we want to refocus on those things.”

Read out of context, the man has a point. Large parts of society are incredibly self-centered, and we really should be concerned more about others. Which is why it’s so important to get vaccinated, create a stronger social safety net and ensure society is safe for everyone to live their lives, right? Oh no. Palmer doesn’t want that. In fact, that’s the last thing he would want.


Palmer managed to keep the mask on for the first couple of questions, but it didn’t take long for the interview to slip into familiar buzzwords. While talking about whether or not he would take outside investment to fun the Titanic II’s construction, he gives this incredible answer:

I don’t really want to be in control so much, I’m not that sort of person. But I’ve got too much money. So I don’t need any other money. We don’t need to raise any funds. We don’t need to take mums and dads money, if anyone loses any money, it’s [me], and I’m happy to lose money at this age. We can make instant decisions about what we want to do without worrying about the consequences. We haven’t got to have a committee sits here and says, “Oh, should we do this? What will the SEC say?” It’ll be a Covid vaccine-free environment.