Bizarre, Passive Aggressive Notes For Drivers Of EVs Without Fast Charging Are Appearing On Chargers At The Dallas Airport (Update)

Image: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)
Image: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)

Someone has gone to the trouble printing signs instructing drivers of EVs with slower charging rates to not use fast chargers at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, and to drive to other chargers instead — at least, according to a post on Reddit. As a friend of the site is fond of asking, “Why are EV people like this?”

Reddit user u/Stock-requirement-81 says they saw the following message posted on an EVGO fast charger at Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport:

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This applies to owners of: Chevrolet Bolt EV/EUV, Hyundai Kona Electric, Nissan Leaf, Mazda MX-30, Mini Cooper SE, Smart EQ Fortwo, Volkswagen e-GOlf, Ford Transit EV, AMONG OTHERS.

Regina provides 350 kW, but if your car is not capable of using it to full capacity therefore you are impeding faster charging cars from using it. Faster charging cars can get in and out quicker, to the benefit of everyone!!!

Please show courtesy and use ERNIE or FLORENCE to the left (west of REGINA). For cars with under 100KW of charge rate you will nor experience slower charging on those as they still charge faster than your car can handle. Please educate yourself on how EV chargers work and how to best utilize them for efficient charging!!!

Its a bit bold to try and tell people where they can and can’t charge based on their EVs capability. The “Faster charging cars can get in and out quicker, to the benefit of everyone!” argument really paints a picture of who the anonymous sign-maker is deep down.

EV chargers are first come, first serve, just as gas pumps are. If the driver of a Chevy Bolt is already charging and a Hyundai Ioniq 6 pulls up, in no way should that Bolt unplug and move just because the Ioniq 6 charges faster and will be done sooner; they have to wait. I mean someone could do this in theory if they wanted to be overly courteous, especially if that other driver is at a low percentage. But again, it’s first come first serve.

Plus as some in the comments noted, it creates unnecessary entitlement among drivers; those of more expensive EVs with faster charging may think that they have a right to a fast charger because of the amount of money they spent on their vehicle. Whoever wrote this should also follow their own advice and educate themselves: none of the EVs listed even support charging speeds that fast.

Obviously, this makes no sense. If you arrive at a charger and someone else is using it or others are full, wait your turn just as everyone else does.

Update: EVGo got back to us regarding this note after we asked them if this was something the company had done. EVGo assured us that the company had nothing to do with the note and that they sent someone out to remove it from the charger.

We also asked about rules regarding EV charging. EVGO said that there are no official rules regarding charging, but the company is committed to “promoting Electric For All through consumer education.” A recent blog post on the company’s site helps educate consumers on which charger they should be using.

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