Blackout Charger Tries Giving Arkansas Troopers The Slip

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Blackout Charger Tries Giving Arkansas Troopers The Slip
Blackout Charger Tries Giving Arkansas Troopers The Slip

Some guys just love the thrill of the cat and mouse game that comes with running from police. The adrenaline from seeing those cherries and berries in your rearview mirror fade into the blackness of the night can be exhilarating, but it comes with a high degree of risk. And that’s probably what keeps this guy in a Dodge Charger he keeps blacking out while running from Little Rock Police and Arkansas State Police going.

Watch the infamous Blackout Charger get away yet again.

Apparently, the suspect had successfully ditched the fuzz several times in the early morning hours of June 30, each time disappearing into the darkness. But troopers kept combing the area, eager to nab the guy and stop his 150 mph gallops on city streets.


Sure enough, one trooper is traveling on the interstate when the Mopar muscle car blasts past him at over 130 mph. As the trooper gives chase, he accelerates past 140 mph and blacks out, trying to yet again get away from the law.

Despite the guy blasting through a transition to another highway, the trooper maintains visual and keeps on the suspect’s tail. It’s obvious he’s not getting away so easily this time. But the Blackout Charger keeps pushing, desperately trying to ditch his pursuer.

This goes on for a while, with both cars hitting about 150 mph. But as the suspect takes an exit, he likely thinks the trooper doesn’t see his blacked out ride, because he slows way down. But the trooper was right on him.

In this kind of situation, most people would panic. This guy keeps his cool as the trooper sets up to PIT, slamming on his brakes so the cop flies past.

Then things get really wild as the Charger goes off-roading and into a parking lot, hopping curbs like a bucking bronco. The trooper follows and almost gets close enough to ram the suspect, but the guy slips away again.

Just as he enters the road, a second trooper arrives, almost pitting him out. But the Blackout Charger speeds away again, leaving troopers to literally eat his dust. On the dark, two-lane road he could start to slip away completely, making the whole chase a practice in frustration.

It seems the Dodge suffers some sort of malfunction from damage incurred while playing Dukes of Hazzard in the parking lot. Sparks fly from the chassis and smoke trails behind. The lead trooper wastes no time ending things for sure, giving a brutal PIT.

And thus ends the police chase career of this Blackout Charger.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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