Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' black-painted porch offers a modern twist on a traditional country aesthetic

 Blake Lively
Blake Lively

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are among Hollywood's most prestigious power couples, but they spend their downtime away from the hills – on the east side of the country.

Blake (known for Gossip Girl and The Age of Adaline) and Ryan (star of Deadpool) have a notably quieter family life in the verdant town of Pound Ridge, located in Westchester County, New York.

Hidden away from New York City's urban buzz, Pound Ridge is famed as a  picturesque rural town with sprawling hills and country roads. It is a place for celebrities – including the likes of Richard Gere, Mike Myers, and Susan Sarandon – who are attracted to its charming country feel. It is perhaps only fitting, therefore, that their homes pay tribute to this aesthetic – starting with their exteriors.


In the photos below, Ryan Reynolds shares a look at the couple's back porch – and unsurprisingly, it celebrates the contemporary-country style perfectly.

Pictured on the porch – Ryan is surrounded by black and neutral tones – alongside wooden furniture – that looks to be holding DIY tools. The couple has not overloaded their space with outdoor furniture – and the pieces they do appear somewhat practical (with the exception of what looks to be a gray sofa, in the post below.

With its rustic-style wooden door and roof, the porch has an unmistakable rustic aesthetic – however – the lick of stylish black paint brings the porch firmly into the contemporary day – where black exteriors are among the best way to add value to your home.

Data scientist Shane Lee from the real estate company RealtyHop says that a black exterior, much like Blake and Ryan's, is increasingly popular in New York, where the couple resides. And consequently, the tone is likely to boost their home's value (if they were looking to sell, that is).

'One of the best ways to add value to a home is to paint it black,' he says. 'In New York State, many agents and interior designers have noticed that you can charge a premium of $15K-$20K simply by painting your house black,' she says. Of course, painting your entire exterior is the best way to celebrate the color trend – but a black-painted porch is the next best thing.

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We're taking our porch to the darker side, the way Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds surely intended.