Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' house color is a hit with landscapers and real estate experts – here's why

 Blake Lively and Ryan Renyolds
Blake Lively and Ryan Renyolds

Hollywood power couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds may know how to make headlines in Los Angeles – but they choose to reside on the other side of the country, in the leafy Pound Ridge neighborhood of New York.

Glimpses of their home are often shown in the backdrop of the couple's Instagram – from their tiled-bathroom ceiling to their country-style wood-paneled living room that pays homage to their home's rural zipcode. It is Blake and Ryan Reynolds' curb appeal ideas (or, more specifically, their chosen paint colors for the exterior of the house), however, that get designers and realtors alike excited.

In the post, Ryan (best known for his roles in Deadpool and Free Guy) is pictured outside their home alongside his mom. The image reveals the couple's gray-painted façade that celebrates one of the biggest paint trends of the past few years and perfectly complements their lighter-toned wooden door.

Joanna VonBergen, a master gardener from Gingham Gardens, has 'first-hand experience' of working with a gray-painted façade such as this – including its (somewhat) surprising advantages. According to Joanna, gray exteriors allow landscaping to 'pop' – as is the case with the surrounding trees in Ryan's post. However, its benefits are more than aesthetic.


'Another huge benefit of gray is that it does not show dirt or dust. Similarly, a gray-colored home does not show water spots if your outdoor water is hard,' Joanna says.

The color's low maintenance has also not gone unnoticed by realtor expert Josh Dotoli, the principal of Dotoli Group. He says that decorating with gray is the perfect way to complement any home with ease.

'Gray paint is often used to provide insulation to a building due to its ability to absorb heat and reflect light rays away from the home,' Josh says. 'It can add an elegant touch of sophistication to the front of your home, especially when done correctly with the right fixtures and materials.'

Blake Lively
Blake Lively

Josh adds that gray paint can add curb appeal –ensuring your home 'looks more appealing and inviting from the street level' – which is good to consider if you're looking to add value to your home. Though, its advantages don't end there.

If you're looking for ways to cut energy bills, the expert says that gray paint can, in fact, help reduce energy costs (when properly applied). This is 'due to its ability to prevent solar radiation from heating up your walls too quickly during hot summer months.'

Granted, it's not a quick and easy job, but we see no downside to following in Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' lead.