1,200-hp Hennessey Cadillac CTS-V Coupe offered to 12 insane owners

John Hennessey's tuning shop in Texas operates on a simple principle that denies the existence of "too much horsepower." Here's his latest offering to the angry gods of speed -- a dozen Hennessey V1200 Cadillac CTS-V coupes, all of which offer more than double the power of their everyday lookalikes with a Bugatti-challenging 1,226 hp and a top speed of 242 mph. While the already sinister CTS-V makes due with 551 hp, Hennessey's transformation begins by swapping the engine with his tuned version of the 7-liter LS7 V-8, paired with twin turbos and bolstering of its internal parts. The system can be turned down to just 800 hp for those owners worried about how much trouble they could cause in a car capable of hitting 60 mph in under 3 seconds.

The rest of the CTS-V also gets the Hennessey touch, from a revamped Magnetic Ride suspension to the aerodynamic add-ons that dare to mess with the near-perfection of the CTS-V coupe by adding a spoiler to the trunk. Inside, there's a slathering of carbon fiber, along with six-point seat belts good for that occasionally trip to Friday night test and tune at the local dragstrip. To show that the V1200 isn't just vaporware, Hennessey offers this video showing a V1200 living up to its name on the dyno by pumping 1,066 hp to the rear wheels. That's one way to boot scoot across Texas right quick.

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