2013 Ferrari 620GT first photo leaks ahead of Geneva Motor Show

One of the big surprises from the upcoming Geneva Motor Show became a little less surprising today when a GTSpirit reader sent in this shot of the new 2013 Ferrari 620GT, which with an expected 740 hp from its 12-cylinder engine would be the most powerful Ferrari ever built for road use. Sleek, sinister or subpar?

Along with the photos come new and specific rumors of the grand tourer's performance -- namely, a 0-to-60 mph time of three seconds dead, thanks to the 740 hp engine mated to a seven-speed transmission pushing the rear wheels (no Ferrari FF four-wheel-drive here). It's always iffy to judge vehicle styling based on a grainy, underlit photo; a few online critics are already picking nits for some Aston Martin-esque details, but we'll reserve judgment until Ferrari gets on stage next week.