Crazy Fiat 500 gets a 580-hp Lamborghini V-12

Most owners of the tiny Fiat 500 don't think, "Hey, you know what this car needs? A 580-hp V-12 from a Lamborghini Murcielago." In the same breath, most owners don't decide they need a more compact package - like a Fiat 500 - to house said engine. Most, however, is not all, as is showcased with this Oemmedi Meccanica modified Fiat 500. It once held a 3.2 liter Porsche six, a Ferrari V-8, and now it's home to the 6.2 liter Murcielago V-12.

In order to fit the monstrous lump, the little 500 underwent numerous transformations; most noticeably the insanely wide bodykit. These mutations appear to have created a multitude of handling deficiencies - documented in the video below as the driver wrestles to keep the car in a straight line. What it does well, however, is produce a sound that could wake a sleeping giant; a noise so great it could create tidal waves with each stab of the throttle.

Regardless of how ridiculously crazy this idea remains, it's crazies like this that resonate with our inner child. While most don't grasp the necessity of a creation like this, those that do provide the rest of us with a sliver of joy we ordinarily might have missed.