BMW M6 owner goes Hulk over defects, smashes own car

Lord knows there's few frustrations quite as powerful as a car that doesn't work as advertised. Even in our quality-promoting epoch, there's still a hefty business for lemon law attorneys around the United States; in other countries where consumer laws have not advanced so far, those frustrations can fester. At least that's the story told by a man who hauled his 2008 BMW M6 coupe to the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany last week and started taking batting practice with a sledgehammer.

According to an account in Frankfurt's edition of Bild as tracked down by Carscoops, Italian marble dealer Hadi Pourmohseni staged the demonstration while claiming BMW and his Italian dealer had been unable to fix numerous defects after four years of rigmarole and finger-pointing with the 507-hp car that cost 120,000 euros — $160,000 — new. Hadi said along with a letter to BMW, he brought the car to Frankfurt during the largest European auto show of the year so that he and co-batter Thomas Brunner could publicly unleash some pent-up frustration, noting that a lawsuit over the car would have taken up to seven years. (That's Pourmohseni in the suit and axe below.)

Much like the Chinese men who made similar consumer-protest modifications to a Lamborghini and Maserati, how inflicting thousands of dollars in damage to one's own property is supposed to convince a corporation to take responsibility isn't clear. Pourmohseni has vowed to move the Super Smash Bros. car show to the gates of BMW's headquarters in Munich if he can't find satisfaction — but after that, what's left for BMW to fix?