Kitten trapped in spring under truck survives 50 terrifying miles

Cats get trapped in obscure places all the time, but few have endured a ride like this cute kitty.

Vitaliy Bouranin, 32, drove 50-miles along a highway on the island of Sakhalin in southeastern Russia, traveling at speeds of over 80 mph in his Toyota Land Cruiser, when he pulled over for gas. It was during that fill-up that he heard the faint sound of a cat's meow, and proceeded to look underneath the car for the animal's whereabouts. At first the mysterious meowing remained a mystery, but after a short while, Bouranin noticed a small patch of fur around the wheel well.

The cat was trapped inside the spring from the vehicle's suspension. To Bouranin's shock, the cat seemed remarkably calm, despite having spent the better part of an hour absorbing the highway's bumps.

"I have no idea how long it was there or more importantly, how it got there," said Bouranin, after the ordeal. "I would have said it was impossible for a cat to get in the middle of a spring like that but somehow it had managed it."

Police now hope to find the cat's owner, reuniting them with a kitty that emerged completely unscathed – minus one of its nine lives.